February 5, 2023

The Cheapest VPN Providers (2022)

Do you know your IP reveals a lot about you if you are not connected via a VPN? By connecting through a VPN, not only is your connection private and more secure, you are also able to access geo-restricted content, along with other perks.

If you are searching for a reliable VPN service provider and one that gives you the best bang for the buck, shall you decide to subscribe, this post is for you.

In this post, we compare some of the best VPN providers out there to find out – Does free VPN exist? Who offers the cheapest 1-month plan? Who provides the most affordable long-term plan?

Here’s a list of VPN providers included in our comparison: Express VPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, PureVPN, Hide.me, Windscribe, SurfShark, PrivateVPN, AtlasVPN, and Ivacy VPN.

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VPN That Offers Free Plan

Most, if not all, VPN providers come with subscription plans. However, some offer free trials where you can try it before committing. Then there are generous enough to provide users with a free plan.

That’s right – you get to use it for free, with limited features, of course.

The following table shows you who offers free plans and who doesn’t. Click on the More info to see the limitation that comes with their free plan.

VPN Provider Black Friday Deal wdt_ID Has Free Plan? Has Free Trial?
Hide.me 5 Mths Free (1-yr Plan) 1 Yes (More info) No
Windscribe 58% Off (1-yr Plan) 2 Yes (More info) Yes
Atlas VPN 85% Off (2-yr Plan) 3 Yes (More info) No
Express VPN 3 Mths Free (1-yr Plan) 4 No No
Nord VPN 63% Off + 3 Mths Free 5 No No
CyberGhost 4 Mths Free (2-yr plan) 6 No Yes
PureVPN 88% Off (5-yr Plan) 7 No No
SurfShark 84% Off + 2 Mths Free (2-yr Plan) 8 No Yes
PrivateVPN 85% Off (1-yr Plan) 9 No No
Ivacy VPN 90% Off (5-yr Plan) 10 No Yes

VPN with Cheapest 1-month Plan

Ready to pay for a VPN subscription but not prepared to commit long-term? No problem. The following table breaks down which provider offers the cheapest plan if you decide to pay on a monthly basis.

VPN Provider wdt_ID Cost, when you pay monthly
Hide.me 1 $12.95
Windscribe 2 $9.00
Atlas VPN 3 $9.99
Express VPN 4 $12.95
Nord VPN 5 $11.95
CyberGhost 6 $12.99
PureVPN 7 $10.95
SurfShark 8 $12.95
PrivateVPN 9 $8.99
Ivacy VPN 10 $9.95
Other Plans and Their Cost…

Here’s a list of other plans provided and how much they cost per month if the one-month plan seems a little too short for you.

VPN Provider wdt_ID 3-Mth Plan 6-Mth Plan 12-Mth Plan 24-Mth Plan 36-Mth Plan
Hide.me 1 $8.32 $4.99
Windscribe 2 $4.08
Atlas VPN 3 $2.49 $1.39
Express VPN 4 $9.99 $6.67
Nord VPN 5 $4.92 $3.30
CyberGhost 6
PureVPN 7 $3.74 $2.45
SurfShark 8 $6.49 $2.49
PrivateVPN 9 $6.00 $2.50
Ivacy VPN 10 $3.99

VPN with Cheapest Long-term Plans

The longer your subscription plan is, the cheaper it gets when you break it down to monthly costs. Of course, you should only commit long-term with the VPN provider you are most comfortable with.

The following table breaks down the plan durations, how much the plan costs, and how much it costs monthly-average for each provider.

VPN Provider wdt_ID Plan Cost Cost/Month Bonus
Hide me 1 24-Mth Plan $129.95 $6.67 + 2 Months Free
Windscribe 2 12-Mth Plan $49.00 $4.08
Atlas VPN 3 36-Mth Plan $49.99 $1.39
Express VPN 4 12-Mth Plan $99.95 $6.67 + 3 Months Free
Nord VPN 5 24-Mth Plan $89.00 $3.30 + 3 Months Free
CyberGhost 6 24-Mth Plan $58.50 $2.25 + 2 Months Free
PureVPN 7 24-Mth Plan $59.00 $2.45
SurfShark 8 24-Mth Plan $59.76 $2.49
PrivateVPN 9 24-Mth Plan $60.00 $2.50
Ivacy VPN 10 60-Mth Plan $60.00 $1.00

VPN with Most Flexible Payment Modes

Check out the table below if the payment mode is your big hurdle in choosing the right VPN providers. We break down payment methods accepted by each of the VPN providers.

VPN Provider wdt_ID Credit Card PayPal Bitcoin Other Cryptos Google Pay Amazon Pay Paymentwall
Hide me 1 Yes Yes Yes
Windscribe 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes ¹
Atlas VPN 3 Yes Yes Yes
Express VPN 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nord VPN 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes ² Yes Yes
CyberGhost 6 Yes Yes Yes
PureVPN 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes ³
SurfShark 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PrivateVPN 9 Yes Yes Yes
Ivacy VPN 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes

1Paymentwall payments includes UnionPay, iDeal, WebMoney, Giropay, Yandex Money and Mint.

2NordVPN supports other crypto payments like Ripple, and Ethereum.

3PureVPN supports other crypto payments like Litecoin and Ethereum.

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